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Escape Room Adventure Games by Thames and Kosmos – Escape The Dungeon Review

Escape Room Adventure Games by Kosmos are an escape room board game.  The game comes with an intriguing story where you begin when you wake up in a dank dungeon with no memory of how you got there.  Yes, you guessed it you have to find a way to get out by exploring places, combining items, finding clues and talking to people to gather information and let the story unfold.

The game can be played solo or with up to four players as there are four different character figures.  The game comes with 109 illustrated cards, 18 room cards, one adventure book, 2 bags and a rule book.

The game is divided into 3 chapters which the box says chapter takes approximately 90 minutes, well each chapter took us longer than that and was great fun playing it over a number evenings. You do not have to write on any cards, etc, so you can pass the game on after you finish it, which is unusual for an escape room game. 

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