Eurographics Jigsaw Puzzles Review

In this Eurographics jigsaw puzzles review I will share my thoughts and experiences of piecing together puzzles by the Canadian puzzle manufacturer Eurographics.  Eurographics is a well established puzzle company and has a vast range of different puzzle images in varying piece count size.

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The puzzle boxes can vary in size but most are a classic rectangular box.  The front of the box depicts the puzzle image and the back shows images of other Eurographics puzzles and some information regarding the puzzle quality.

Inside the box contains only a sealed bag containing the puzzle pieces but no extra images of the puzzle.

Inside the box

Puzzle Pieces

The puzzle pieces are made of reasonably thick and sturdy cardboard and I have found very few issues with the piece images peeling or bent pieces.  I have encountered some issues with the pieces being still stuck together and it can be tricky to part them without tearing the design (I would recommend using fine scissors to part the pieces)

The pieces vary in shape in different puzzles.  Some puzzles are all a standard grid design with every piece having two ‘in’ and two ‘out’ bits on them, other puzzles have more of a variety of the different puzzle piece shapes and some contain smartcut irregular quirky cut pieces.   The puzzle I use in the video at the bottom of the page had the quirky cut pieces and I found them to fit together very well.  The Eurographics puzzles that I have completed with standard cut piece shapes I find do not fit together as well and can be looser.

Quirky cut puzzle pieces

Puzzle Image

The puzzles that we have tried all had an anti-glare finish and the printing and colours were very good.  I would recommend checking the puzzle information first however as not all of their puzzles have this.

Completed puzzle


Eurographics offer a wide range of different puzzle types, piece count and design.  The quality between the puzzles can vary and I find that their quirky puzzle piece shape puzzles fit together best.  

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