Heye Corsair Puzzle 1000 PCS

Heye Corsair Puzzle 1000 Pieces Review

Pieces: 1000

Age: 12-Adult

Brand:  Heye

Material:  Cardboard

Product Code: 29570

Completed Puzzle Dimensions:  48cm x 68cm

Released:  2013

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Click here to watch our time lapse video of this puzzle

Review – Heye Corsair Puzzle

The Heye Corsair pirate puzzle was a great deal of fun and there is so much to see and discover in the image as you piece it together, those cheeky pirates were certainly causing a lot of mischief!

The puzzle artwork is by Francois Ruyer.

The puzzle quality was good as I have always found Heye puzzles to be and the cartoon artwork was reasonably challenging.

The puzzle comes in a triangular shaped box

External reviews are consistently extremely positive highlighting the quality of both the cut and artwork.

Puzzles Please’s Verdict

4.5 / 5

Ahoy, me hearties, this was a very fun and quality puzzle

Watch our video of Corsair being completed below

All sizes are approximate.

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