Escape The Observatory Puzzle 759 PCS

Escape The Space Observatory Room Puzzle 759 PCS

Pieces: 759

RRP: £12.99/$19.99

Age: 12-Adult

Brand:  Ravensburger

Material:  Cardboard

Product Code: 19956

EAN: 4005556199563

Completed Puzzle Dimensions:  70 x 50 cm (27” x 20”)

Released:  2019

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Review – Escape The Observatory Puzzle

The puzzle that has a puzzle within the puzzle!  Once you have put all the jigsaw pieces in place it’s time to complete the escape puzzle.  

The principle idea behind an escape puzzle is that you are locked in a room (or observatory in this case) and in order to escape you must complete the puzzle by discovering the hidden clues.   The Observatory puzzle comes with an entertaining story that adds a little extra fun to the escape puzzle.  In this puzzle you are not only trying to escape but you need to save the whole of mankind.  A huge fireball is on course to hit our planet and only you can save the day by piecing together a powerful laser in the observatory. Use your imagination and solve the clues to save the day!

Escape The Observatory is extra challenging as the image on the box is different to the jigsaw image that you put together!  In addition to this the puzzle is rather dark which again makes it trickier.

The ‘escape’ side of the puzzle is also harder than some of the other puzzles in the series.  If you are looking for more of a challenge then this is the one for you.

Great puzzle to play as part of a team or on your own.

Superb quality puzzle by Ravensburger as normal.

Good external customer reviews. Some customers did find the escape puzzle side to contain too much math but most enjoyed the challenge.



Puzzles Please’s Verdict


Good puzzle but I did find the design a little dark but enjoyed the extra challenge.


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