Escape The Vampire Room Puzzle 759 PCS

Escape The Vampire Room Puzzle

Pieces: 759

RRP: £16.99/$19.99

Age: 12-Adult

Brand:  Ravensburger

Material:  Cardboard

Product Code: 19961

EAN: 4005556199617

Completed Puzzle Dimensions:  70 x 50 cm (27” x 20”)

Released:  2019

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Buy in the US:  Amazon


Review – Escape The Vampire Room Puzzle

The puzzle that has a puzzle within the puzzle!  Once you have put all the jigsaw puzzles in place it’s time to complete the escape puzzle.  

The principle idea behind an escape puzzle is that you are locked in a room and in order to escape you must complete the puzzle by discovering the hidden clues.   The Vampire Room puzzle comes with an exciting story that will draw you in.  Use your imagination and solve the clues to escape the castle before the vampire finds you!

The puzzle’s artwork is full of detail and manages to create an eerie atmosphere but at the same time be bright and fun.  

Ideal for Halloween fun, why not get your friends and family to dress up and see if you manage to escape the castle together!

Great puzzle to play as part of a team or on your own.

Escape The Vampire Room is extra challenging as the image on the box is different to the jigsaw image that you put together!

Superb quality puzzle by Ravensburger as normal.

Excellent external customer reviews only drawback was that some found the instructions confusing whilst most thoroughly enjoyed completing the puzzle and the finished result.

If you do find that you get stuck on solving the puzzle then visit the Ravensburger website for clues and hints on the ‘Escape Room’ series.


Puzzles Please’s Verdict


Fun puzzle that has a nice balance between being set in a gothic vampire castle but not too sinister, once the puzzle’s pieces are in place you get to solve another fun mysterious puzzle.  


All sizes are approximate.

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