Jumbo Portapuzzle Standard Puzzle Board

Jumbo Portapuzzle Standard Puzzle Board

Amazon RRP 1000 PC Board: UK £24.95 / US $39.95

Brand:  Jumbo

Material:  Polyethylene Foam (non toxic)

Product Code: 10715

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Review – Jumbo Portapuzzle Standard Board for 1000 Pieces

Puzzle boards are a fantastic accessory to help you keep your unfinished jigsaw puzzle safe.  You can puzzle directly on the board and close the board over and put it away keeping your home tidy and your puzzle safe.

The Puzzle Mates Portapuzzle puzzle board by Jumbo holds most puzzles up to 1000 pieces (measuring approximately 68 x 49 cm).  The board has a felt lining which holds your puzzle pieces in place.  The board comes with two additional boards (53 x 39 cm each approximately) which you can use to organise your puzzle pieces on.

When fully opened on a flat surface the board measures 165 x 58 x 3 cm (approximately).  The board fastens with a nylon strip and can be put away with your puzzle inside ready for when you want to continue.

The board is also available in a larger size to hold most puzzles up to 1500 pieces.  When the board is closed it measures 91 x 65 x 3cm (approximately) and when fully opened on a flat surface measures 165 x 58 x 3cm (approximately). The two additional puzzle boards measure 53 x 39cm (approximately).

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  • Cheaper than a lot of puzzle boards that are available.
  • Lightweight
  • Puzzle pieces stick well to the board’s lining.  When the board is closed and turned to a vertical position our puzzle stayed in place.
  • Board comes with two extra removable side panels that you can position your pieces on.
  • Easy to store your unfinished puzzle (can be placed behind a sofa or bookcase).


  • The board is only suitable for use on a flat surface but it is lightweight and low-priced compared to many boards on the market.
  • The lining is fairly padded which can make it difficult to be sure if a piece fits correctly compared to puzzling on a hard flat surface.
  • Some external customer reviews have noted that the boards lining has been a bit ‘baggy’ when they received the puzzle.  Overall external customer reviews are positive.


Puzzles Please’s Verdict

3.5  / 5

Good puzzle board for starting out at a good price.







All sizes and prices are approximate.

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6 thoughts on “Jumbo Portapuzzle Standard Puzzle Board”

  1. wwoooww!!! That is so cool!!! I love puzzle and I do have puzzle box, not as big as yours but I would love to have one of it. And I never found a puzzle that can give you a play and storage box at the same time. That is so great!!!! And I belive it is pretty secure with the box, isn’t it? For me, the materials for placing the puzzle it doesn’t matter. I can just do in the table if I want to. More importantly, With that, I can do on my bed

  2. Thanks for this review Maddie. My kids are right into their puzzles and are now getting into some fairly complex ones that are greater than 1,000 pieces. We only have a small and simple framed board I guess you call it but I wasn’t aware of this portapuzzle style board. I don’t really see too many downsides from my perspective although I note your comments. Xmas around the corner so one for the shopping list.

    Thanks for sharing – Jason.

    • Hi Jason, yes it is a good board, it has served my puzzling well! If your kids enjoy puzzles larger than 1000 pieces then there is the portapuzzle 1500 pieces board that might be of interest to you (take a look it on 1500 PC Board Amazon US or Amazon UK). Just to let you know puzzles are really good for the brain. so your kids are also getting a good brain workout with their puzzling!

      All the best

  3. When my grandkids are visiting I sometimes play puzzles with them. But they are small, so 100 pieces is the maximum so far. And since they are playing the same puzzles all the time, it doesn’t last long to put them together. 🙂
    But such a puzzle board is handy for more time consuming puzzles. I remember my aunt having something she could roll together to keep the pieces in place, but I guess a flat board will give a better result. I have to keep it in mind for later, when the kids are ready for larger puzzles.
    Thanks, Maddie.

    • Hi Hannie
      Yes another option is roll up puzzle mats but I do find that they do not hold the pieces in place as well as puzzle boards do but they are still handy. A board is probably not needed with 100 piece puzzles that children complete in one sitting but once they reach the 500 piece puzzle stage they become they become very useful!
      All the best


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