Magical Castle Jigsaw Puzzle 40 PCS

Pieces: 40

RRP: £10.99/$varies

Age: 3-6 Years

Brand:  Orchard Toys

Material:  Cardboard

Completed Puzzle Dimensions:  58.4 x 43.2 cm (23” x 17”)

Released:  2004

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Buy in the US:  Amazon


Review – Magical Castle Puzzle

‘Magical Castle’ is a classic puzzle from Orchard Toys.  A magical fairy tale castle with a prince and princess, unicorn, fairies, dragon, wizard and animals, this puzzle ticks every box.

Orchard has never failed yet with the great quality of their puzzles.  The bright colours attract children’s attention whilst the puzzle image is still a very cute image.  Lots to look at in the completed puzzle image and discuss with youngsters

The puzzle shape is curved giving it more appeal and interest than a standard rectangular puzzle.   The pieces are large and chunky which is ideal for young puzzlers.

Puzzle comes with a fun learning guide on the back of the box which helps to retain children’s interest in the puzzle.

Superb external customer reviews, customers were particularly impressed with design and quality.


Puzzles Please’s Verdict


‘Magical Castle’ is a lovely quality puzzle for youngsters and makes a fantastic gift or stocking filler.  

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