ROKR Hand Cranked Wooden Marble Coaster

ROKR Wooden Marble Coaster Review

A brilliant gift idea for those who like to get their construction hat on and build things. This quite exquisite mechanical wooden puzzle is not only fun but is also educational. Once assembled it will give a real sense of achievement and bring hours of enjoyment as the marbles make their way down the track.

This self assembly model kit is made of wonderfully crafted wood and requires no extra tools or materials other than what is supplied. The step-by-step instructions supplied with the kit will guide you through the construction and help give confidence in the task of building it.

The construction of this puzzle will help improve your hand-eye coordination, patience and concentration, and will help develop problem solving skills as well as an understanding of engineering concepts.

The high quality wooden pieces are cut to a very precise size and shape so that once assembled will make a fabulous decoration in any home. Standard RRP is approximately $40/£40.

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