Secret Santa Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 PCS

Pieces: 1000

RRP: £17.50/$39.99

Age: 12-adult

Brand:  Gibsons

Material:  Recycled Cardboard 

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Review – Secret Santa

The artwork truly captures the spirit of Christmas.  The illustrates a snow covered traditional Christmas Fayre with families shopping, Children building a snowman, carol singers accompanied by a brass band and if my eyes are not deceiving me could the gentleman at the right of the picture not be Father Christmas in disguise stocking up for the big day, or is my imagination starting to run away with me!

Superb quality puzzle by Gibsons with fantastic vivid colours.

Excellent external customer reviews.

Artwork by Tony Ryan.

Completed puzzle dimensions 49 x 68 cm 

Released 2018


All sizes are approximate.

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