Springbok Winter Windmill Puzzle 500 PCS

Pieces: 500

Amazon RRP: UK N/A / US $13.95 approx

Age: 9-Adult

Brand:  Springbok

Material:  Cardboard

Completed Puzzle Dimensions:  (23.5” x 18” inches)

Released:  2020

Buy in the US:  Amazon


Review – Springbok Winter Windmill Puzzle

This festive puzzle illustrates a cheery snowman, windmill, and hut within a wooded area.  The lit lamp and colour tones create the impression of twilight and quite a different tone from a lot of the more brightly coloured Christmas puzzles.  The landscape is blanketed in snow and all the trees are bare apart from one Christmas tree that we can see in the distance.  I really like the quiet, peaceful feeling that this puzzle delivers

Puzzle pieces are all unique so you will never find two pieces cut exactly the same in the puzzle.

Made in the USA.


Puzzles Please’s Verdict

4 / 5

This is perfect for a cold winter’s night when you are cosy at home!







All sizes and prices are approximate.





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