The Fairy of the Tides Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 PCS

RRP: £14.99/$17.99

Pieces: 1000

Age: 12-adult

Brand: Ravensburger

Product Code: 19595

Material: Cardboard

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Review – The Fairy of the Tides Jigsaw Puzzle

Beautiful and colourful design by award winning artist Nadia Strelkina as part of the Fairyworld collection.  The picture is very enchanting with a story behind the art on the box.  Good quality as normal by Ravensburger.  Quite challenging but as there are few open spaces in the design this helps.  A4 colour image of the design that is supplied with the jigsaw.

The finished design measures 69.9 x 49.7 cm approx.

All sizes are approximate.

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