The Whitesmith’s Cottage in Winter Puzzle 1000 PCS

Pieces: 1000

RRP:  £17.99/$36.99

Age: 12-Adult

Brand: Falcon de Luxe

Material:  Cardboard 

Product Code: 11227

EAN:  8710126112274

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Review – The Whitesmith’s Cottage in Winter

The puzzle image presents a truly delightful nostalgic snowy scene set in an idyllic village. The fantastic artwork by Dominic Davison is so detailed that you can easily imagine being wandering along the stone path, past the traditional cottage towards the church.   Every time I look at the picture I notice something I had not before, the traditional lamp post with a festive wreath, the tree with the twinkling lights, the little cat stepping along the stone wall, the Christmas lights decorating the cottage.  

The colours and tones in the picture are beautiful but do make it quite challenging.  Once you have completed this gorgeous puzzle it would make a lovely Christmas decoration.

Great quality puzzle by Falcon de Luxe, pieces fit well and the picture is very clear when completed.  

Good external customer reviews.

Artwork by Dominic Davison.

Completed puzzle dimensions 68 x 49 cm (26.77″ x 18.9″) 

Released 2017





All sizes are approximate

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