Wasgij 16 The Christmas Show Puzzle 1000 PCS (X2)

Pieces: 1000

RRP: UK £13.99 / US $14.95 approx

Age: 12-Adult

Brand:  Wasgij (Jumbo)

Material:  Cardboard

Product Code: 19183

Completed Puzzle Dimensions:  68 x 49 cm (26.77” x 19.29” inches)

Released:  2020

Buy in the UK:  Amazon

Buy in the US:  Amazon


Review – Wasgij Christmas Show Puzzle

Have some festive fun with The Christmas Show from the popular Wasgij range.  If you are looking for something to make the whole family laugh then you are in the right place.  

This puzzle really is a two for one offer, not only does it contain 2 1000 piece puzzles, but with one of them you have to solve the puzzle to put the puzzle together!  

One puzzle illustration is the box image design and the second puzzle image is the Christmas Show, or at least what is happening at the Christmas show, if the shocked expressions from the parent’s faces are anything to go by then this has not turned out to be a traditional Christmas show!.   Use your imagination and the given clues to put together the Wasgij solution.

Fantastic festive fun that the whole family can get involved in!

Great quality and pieces fit easily together, as normal from Wasgij.

Excellent external customer reviews.


Puzzles Please’s Verdict

4.5 / 5

Great fun, this will entertain the whole family over the festive season!







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