Christmas Eve in New York City Puzzle 1000 PCS

Pieces: 1000

RRP: £14.99/$26.49

Age: 12-adult

Brand: Eurographics

Material:  Recycled Cardboard 

Product Code: 6000-0915

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Review – Christmas Eve in New York City

The puzzle image presents a nostalgic snowy scene set in New York City.  On Christmas Eve we can see a horse and coach crossing a bridge lit by lanterns with New York’s famous skyline in the background with lights are twinkling in the skyscrapers.

What I like most about this puzzle is the stunning twilight sky and moon.  When looking at the completed puzzle it conjured up an image of someone in the coach being pulled by the horse that is leaving the city to return home in time to spend Christmas with their family.

Good quality puzzle by Eurographics and pieces fit well. 

Good external customer reviews.

Artwork by Dominic Davison

Completed puzzle dimensions 48.9 x 67.6 cm (19.25″ x 26.5″) 

Released 2016


All sizes are approximate.

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