Christmas Tales Jigsaw Puzzle 300 PCS

Pieces: 300

RRP: £12.99/$24.99

Age: 8+

Brand: Eurographics

Material:  Cardboard 

Product Code: 8300-5397

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Review – Christmas Tales

Fantastic compilation of Christmas tales images in one puzzle. From the classic ‘Nutcracker’ to the ‘The Grinch’.   Ideal to do as a family, especially with younger puzzlers.  Fun puzzle that reminds us of all the enchanting Christmas stories that we love.

Puzzle pieces are a larger size than average (great for children)

Excellent quality puzzle by Eurographic..  

Great external customer reviews.

Completed puzzle dimensions 48.9 x 67.6 cm (19.25″ x 26.5″)

Released 2018



All sizes are approximate.

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