Dragon Clan Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 PCS

Pieces: 1000

RRP: £14.99/$17.99

Age: 12-adult

Brand: Eurographics

Material: Recycled Cardboard

Product Code: 6000-5475

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Review – Dragon Clan Jigsaw Puzzle

A delightful array of dragons focusing on one strong central alpha dragon breathing fire. The imagination can draw many conclusions on what is happening in the picture, this could be a gathering, a battle, are the dragons dancing or just playing together.

Artwork is by Anne Stokes.

Jigsaw is made from recycled board and printed with vegetable ink. This puzzle is quite challenging but worth the effort. Good quality jigsaw with excellent external reviews.

Completed puzzle dimensions 67 x 49 cm (19.25″ x 26.5″)

Box size 25.4 x 6 x 35.6 cm(10″ x 14″ x 2.37″)

Released 2019


All sizes are approximate.

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