Dragon Kingdom Jigsaw Puzzle 500 PCS

Pieces: 500 (large pieces)

RRP: £14.99/$24.99

Brand: Eurographics

Product Code: 8500-5362

Material: Recycled cardboard

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Review – Dragon Kingdom Jigsaw Puzzle

This really is a irresistible fantasy kingdom of dragons.  In addition to the colourful dragons soaring through the sky, there is a huge majestic palace with towers touching the clouds above, grand ship and waterfall.  The photograph does not do this puzzle justice!

Good quality with large strong sturdy pieces.  Puzzle has received excellent external reviews.  Great jigsaw for the whole family.

Artwork by Jan Patrik

Completed puzzle dimensions 48.9 x 67.6 cm (19.25″ x 26.7″)


All sizes are approximate.

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