Springbok Durango Express Puzzle 500 PCS

Springbok Durango Express Puzzle 500 PCS


Pieces: 500

Amazon RRP: UK 19.99 / US $13.95

Age: 10-Adult

Brand: Springbok

Material: Cardboard

Product Code: 33-01455

Completed Puzzle Dimensions: 45.7 x 59.7 cm (23.5 x 18 inches)

Released:  2013

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Buy in the US:  Amazon


Review – Durango Express

Watch while this very distinct steam train glides gracefully over the bridge crossing the river. The features on the train are certainly very striking with its large chimney and domes, with large amounts of smoke coming out of that huge chimney. The very deep coloured carriage is also quite a sight. In the background of the puzzle from Springbok we can see some lovely wooded hills giving the impression of quite a remote landscape.

External reviews are good with comments that the jigsaw isn’t too difficult and isn’t too easy for the casual puzzler, and is great fun. The one slight criticism comes from the quality of the puzzle cut where some of the pieces are still joined together.


Puzzles Please’s Verdict

4 / 5

A very beautifully detailed puzzle, perfect for any train enthusiasts!



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