Mod Podge Puzzle Saver Glue Review

Preserve your completed puzzle masterpieces with the Mod Podge Puzzle Saver Glue.  

The glue is available in three different size pots (2, 4 or 8oz) and is easy to apply with a paint or foam brush.

The glue dries quickly leaving a clear glossy finish over the puzzle. 

Water based non-toxic.

Good external reviews commenting that it works well and it is easy to apply.  

Only the 2oz bottle comes with a foam applicator but the larger bottles work out better value for money.


Buy in the UK: 

4oz Bottle – Amazon 

8oz Bottle – Amazon


Buy in the US:  

2oz Bottle – Amazon 

4oz Bottle – Amazon

8oz Bottle – Amazon


Puzzles Please’s Verdict

4 / 5

The glue worked well on our puzzle and dried in about an hour (although we still left it for longer to be sure).  When first applying the glue it did have a strange aroma but that soon faded.  We applied a coat to both the front and back of the puzzle.  Glue dried clear and left our puzzle with a lovely glossy effect and held it together well.  

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