Wasgij Destiny 3 Sands of Time 1000 PCS

Wasgij Destiny 3 Sands of Time 1000 PCS

Pieces: 1000

Amazon RRP: UK £12.99 / US $17.99

Age: 14-Adult

Brand:  Jumbo (Wasgij)

Material:  Cardboard

Product Code: 19169

Completed Puzzle Dimensions:  68 x 49cm (26.8x 19.2 inches)

Box size:  37 x 27 x 7 cm 

Released:  Re-released 2019

Buy in the UK:  Amazon

Buy in the US:  Amazon


Review – Wasgij Destiny 3 Sands of Time

Wasgij Destiny 3 Sands of Time is another fun brain teaser puzzle from the popular Wasgij series.  With Wasgij Destiny puzzles you  will not be piecing together the image that is on the box, you have to travel through time and imagine what the design on the box might look like today, that is what you will puzzle together!

On the box image we can see a beach packed people enjoying a trip to the seaside wearing long bathing costumes and a traditional pier on the promenade behind them.  What will this seaside location be like today, how might it have changed?   Use your imagination and the given clues to put together the Wasgij solution.

Great quality puzzle and the pieces fit easily together, as normal from Wasgij. 

Excellent external customer reviews.  


Puzzles Please’s Verdict

4.5 / 5

A funny and enjoyable puzzle with plenty of surprises in store.

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